In 1994 I went into chemio- and radiotherapy. This treatment make me sterile. When, at the end of chemiotherapy treatment, doctors informed me that I would never get a chance to become a father I fell into moments of deep depression.

I finally realised that life goes on and may pain started to alleviate slowly.

By coincidence, in February 2007 I hosted at my home a Lithuanian girl who was an ERASMUS student in Trento. She came to Milan for a week. During our conversations between a "risotto" and a glass of red wine, she asked me: "Do you know CouchSurfing?” “No, what is it?” I asked. And then she told me about this online community and she explained to me how it works. The very same day I signed in and I created my own profile.

From February 2007 my life has changed radically. I began hosting people in my home. Travellers of whom I know something only because I read through their profiles and references in their profiles. I started to love it so much that, in just over 18 months, I have hosted about 250 people from 44 different countries.

In October 2007 I hosted my 100th guest and then I had an idea. 2 euro each gives 200 Euro! This is not a BIG money of course and, it is in OPPOSITION to the CouchSurfing rules (it is FORBIDDEN to ask money if you decide to host people). It is also true, however, that I can ask if they want to make a voluntary donation for this project and offer 2 euro. It is much less than you need to buy a beer or a cola.

In addition, I have no intention of using this money for myself. I`m planning to offer it to some organizations for long distance adoption and in this way I can forget about my denied paternity.

2 euros from every traveler is little money... but 200 euro would allow us to adopt 1 children around the world. You can give health care, food, education and maybe even a decent life.

This how the project starts...

Anyone who wants to give me a minimum of 2 euro will receive a pin with the project's logo, a receipt for the payment and will be presented in this web pages with a photo.

At the end of each calendar year, the sum collected will be sent to one or more organizations (according to the amount collected) that deal with Long Distance Adoption.

maurizio mangano